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Bone Grafting Procedures for Schaumburg-Area Patients

Many patients with missing teeth experience a phenomenon in which their jawbone atrophies or is reabsorbed over time. This condition results in poor quality and quantity of bone structure suitable for the placement of dental implants and many other dental procedures. However, Elite Oral Surgery Partners now has the ability to help patients grow bone where needed through bone grafting procedures offered in our Schaumburg, Wheaton, and Downers Grove offices. Bone grafting gives us the opportunity to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

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Types of Bone Grafting Procedures We Offer

The types of bone grafting procedures we offer include sinus lifts, ridge augmentations, and nerve repositioning. A sinus lift involves elevating your sinus membrane and placing the bone graft onto the sinus floor, allowing dental implants to be placed in the back of your upper jaw. In severe cases where your dental ridge has been reabsorbed, a bone graft may be placed to increase your ridge height and/or width. Nerve repositioning involves the repositioning of your inferior alveolar nerve, which gives feeling to your lower lip and chin, to allow placement of dental implants to your lower jaw. These procedures may be performed separately or together, depending on your condition.

What to Expect During the Bone Grafting Process

Several areas of your body are ideal for attaining bone grafts. In the maxillofacial region, bone grafts can be taken from inside your mouth, in your chin, in your third molar region, or in your upper jaw behind your last tooth. In more extensive cases, a greater quantity of bone can be attained from your hip or the outer region of your tibia at the knee. Another bone grafting option involves freeze-drying bone in a pulverized form. The graft material is placed in the area needing the graft, which is then closed using resorbable sutures while it heals. These types of surgeries are performed in our out-office surgical suite under IV sedation or general anesthesia. After your discharge, bed rest is recommended for at least a day with limited physical activity for about a week.

Schedule a Bone Grafting Consultation Today

The specifics of bone grafting procedures will vary from patient to patient. Our oral surgery specialists would be more than happy to discuss your options in greater detail to determine which type of treatment would best suit your situation. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation for a bone grafting procedure at one of our Schaumburg, Wheaton, or Downers Grove offices. You may also request an appointment online at your convenience.

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