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Schaumburg Oral Surgeons Skilled in Facial Trauma

At Elite Oral Surgery Partners, our oral surgeons are trained, skilled, and uniquely qualified to manage and treat facial traumas at our Schaumburg, Wheaton, and Downers Grove offices. By nature, injuries to the face tend to cause a high degree of emotional and physical trauma for patients. Therefore, the science and art of treating these types of injuries require special training involving a “hands on” approach and an understanding of how the treatment provided will influence the patient’s long-term function and appearance.

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The Most Common Types of Facial Trauma We See

Motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, interpersonal violence, and work-related injuries are the usual causes of facial trauma. Types of facial trauma can range from injuries of the teeth to extremely severe injuries involving your face’s skin and bones. Typically, facial injuries are classified as either soft tissue injuries (skin and gums), bony injuries (fractures), or injuries to special regions (such as your eyes, facial nerves, or salivary glands). Our oral surgery specialists are on staff at your local hospital to provide emergency room coverage for many types of facial injuries, including:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Intraoral lacerations
  • Avulsed (knocked-out) teeth
  • Fractured facial bones (cheeks, nose, or eye sockets)
  • Fractured jaws (upper and lower jaw)

How We Treat Different Kinds of Facial Trauma

Soft tissue injuries, such as facial lacerations, are repaired using sutures to yield the best cosmetic results possible. Fractures of your facial bones are treated like fractures in other parts of your body. The specific method of treatment will be determined by various factors, including the location and severity of your fracture, as well as your age and general health. Since a cast cannot be placed on your face like your arm or leg, other means have been developed to stabilize facial fractures, including the wiring of your jaws together for certain fractures of the upper and/or lower jaw. Depending on your injury, small plates and screws are sometimes surgically placed at the site of injury.

Treating Injuries to Your Teeth and Surrounding Structures

Our oral surgeons in the Schaumburg area treat various injuries involving knocked-out teeth. The sooner a tooth is reinserted into its dental socket, the better chance it will survive. Depending on the type of injury, sometimes splinting is used (wiring or bonding teeth together to stabilize the site of injury), while other times root canal therapy or restorative dentistry by a dental specialist may be needed. Dental implants are often utilized as replacements for missing teeth that cannot be saved.

Schedule an Appointment at One of Our Three Offices

At Elite Oral Surgery Partners, we strive to treat facial traumas with as minimal of an impact on a patient’s facial appearance as possible. This means we’ll try to use the fewest incisions possible and, whenever possible, we place them so that the resultant scars are hidden. If you’ve sustained a facial injury, you can rest assured that the proper treatment will be determined by our specialists who are well-versed in emergency care, acute treatment, long-term reconstruction, and patient rehabilitation. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our Schaumburg, Wheaton, or Downers Grove offices to request more information about facial trauma treatments.

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